Living longer, living better.

Italy today faces the challenges of an ageing population that struggles to remain healthy and preserve independent lifestyles. Age-related problems such as Structural Heart Disease threaten the ability of our older citizens to retain their independence and pursue active family and social lifestyles.

This is a problem most keenly felt by Italians, but we are by no means alone. All of Europe faces the common challenge of an ageing population and together we must find solutions. A joint action at EU level is needed to face this common threat, in order to let our healthcare systems to preserve quality of life and not just life in itself.

This is why I have launched a manifesto specifically to tackle Structural Heart Disease and am working to secure support from my colleagues in the European Parliament for real action to meet the needs of our older citizens.

This manifesto looks to ensure prioritization and an appropriate programme and funding for early  diagnosis of all citizens over 65 years of age and proactive treatment of Structural Heart Disease so that patients can return to normal life rapidly, and contribute actively to society. A joint action is necessary to prioritise and implement harmonised plans to ensure that no European citizen dies because of a lack of access to a heart health check.

It is my hope that Italy can be an example for the rest of the world in ageing policy and it can lead the way in supporting elderly citizens pursue the independent and healthy lifestyle they have earned.

Click here to read the Manifesto.